Against the Clock – Almost Finished!

AgainsttheClock_June18_2013-001I’m slowly, but surely getting there on this one. In my last post I stated that I wasn’t too pleased with the Mixed Media board that I’m using. However, the more I’ve worked on this piece the more I like the board. The smooth surface has allowed me to build up quite a few layers and the pencil blends beautifully on it.

Originally I wanted to use only Polychromos pencils on this piece. However, I found that I had to use colors from other brands in order to create the look that I wanted. Those other pencil brands that I have used on this piece include Luminance, Dick Blick and Prismacolor. Prismacolor pencils have been inconsistent in their quality ever since they started making them in Mexico…so I try to avoid using them as much as possible. With that said, however, Prismacolor still has the best black pencil on the market. They also have a lovely “Eggshell” color that really helped me blend together the colors of the sand.

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Thanks for looking!!