Against the Clock (WIP)

Still plugging away on this piece….slowly, but surely.  I am far from being done, but thought I’d give an update as it has come a long way since the last update I posted!

Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of my colored pencil work lately.  The beauty of colored pencil, though, is that I can walk into my studio, pick up a pencil and get to work.  No time wasted on mixing up paint and trying to get just the right colors each and every time!


Against the Clock (WIP)

Day Number 10.

More underpainting.  Beginning to add a little bit of detail, but even these spots that I’ve begun adding more detail have a long way to go.  I bought a new “toy” – a scanner.  Now the colors and clarity of each piece will be truer to the original.  Taking photographs of art is way too tricky.

Against the Clock: WIP

Day Number 5.  More underpainting.  Still need to establish more layers of shadow before blending/refining.  As mentioned in a previous post, I tend to work all over the page – unlike other colored pencil artists who finish minute details of the painting a little bit at a time.

Title given:  “Against the Clock.”