As many of you probably know by now, my little Rat Terrier buddy – Ranger – is one of my favorite subjects.  He is my faithful sidekick….especially when I have food.  One evening my son had some friends over and my hubby bought them some junk food as a snack (what a dad – eh?).  I couldn’t resist eating a few of the Cheetos and, of course, my little buddy was right there to mooch.  He looked so dang cute in his earnestness to have a bite that I had my daughter shoot some pics….knowing that it would make a really cute painting!

What I learned on this piece:

It is very important to have a really good sketch before starting the “painting” process.  If the dimensions of the subject are off even the slightest bit in the sketch, then it is going to be glaringly obvious in full color.  Trying to correct the sketch while filling in the color can cause more problems.  Therefore, taking the extra time to make sure the subject is sketched out appropriately is worth the time and effort!

8-1/2 x 11 Stonehenge paper.  Prismacolor, Luminance and Coloursoft pencils.


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