My Studio

I have noticed that artists are intrigued by other artist’s workspaces/studios.  Therefore, I decided to take photos of my own studio to share with everyone. As you can see, I am blessed with a very spacious room in which to create my art.  It has two walls filled with large windows, so the natural lighting is generally pretty good.  This room was added on by the previous owners of our house as a “sitting room.”  I somehow doubt that they did much sitting out there…unless it was only in the summer.  This room is not insulated at all, so during the winter it is like a deep freezer.  Hence the space heaters in the photos.  I didn’t include a photo of the right front of my studio.  It is currently a mess and piled with various things that do not belong in there – like an entertainment center that will go to my daughter’s apartment after she gets married in June.

Here is a not-quite 360 degree tour of my studio.  I hope that you enjoy it!

Standing at the entrance of the studio. Can you spot the sheep outside the window? It's snowing, but you can't see the snowflakes in the photo.

Left rear corner. This used to be my colored pencil workstation, but since I took this photo I've rearranged a bit. Now I do my colored pencil work at my drafting table. It's better for my back/neck to work there instead of on the flat table.

To the left are the doors to the entrance of the studio. All of those bins/tubs are full of yarn. Yes, I'm a wee bit obsessed with knitting!

The view from my drafting table.


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