WIP – “Can I Have a Bite?”

Hello Everyone!  Thought I’d pop in and show you what I’ve been working on.  This piece is 16×20 and I’ve been using a mixture of pencils (Prismacolor, Luminance and Polychromos).  My sweet hubby got me an Icarus Board as an anniversary gift and I’m thinking about using it to help blend the background.Some people draw directly on the paper/board before coloring in the details.  With colored pencil you have to be very careful not to get too much graphite on the substrate – otherwise the colored pencil won’t layer very well.  Since I’m heavy handed when it comes to sketching, my process is to sketch the outline of the main figures on tracing paper.  Then I transfer the image with transfer paper.  If I don’t have any transfer paper available, then I lightly rub graphite on the back of the tracing paper and transfer the image by going back over the lines of the sketch.

Here is an example of the graphite technique:

the front side of the drawing on tracing paper

graphite lightly layered on reverse

the piece in its current state

As you can tell, I’m not one of those people who work one little area of the painting at a time.  My attention span is way too short for that.  I also had to change the layout from the original photo (moving my son’s head) because I messed up horribly while doing his face.  Perhaps someday I will be able to do humans….


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