I have a wonderful little Rat Terrier buddy – Ranger.  He is my shadow and one of my favorite subjects to paint.  This painting is a happy accident.  Originally it was much larger – 11×14 inches, but I messed up his right eye and had to crop it down.  I think the extreme cropping that I had to do makes the piece more powerful.  It really demonstrates how intensely Ranger feels about food.  He is an incredible mooch and this is what a person sees as he/she eats a snack on the couch.

In the lower right hand corner there is an area that isn’t very smooth.  That is where I attempted to use solvent in order to make the background blend in a unique manner….and the solvent ended up “eating” the paper.  This taught me the importance of testing out solvent on my substrate before using it on the actual piece of artwork.

Two things learned on this piece:

1) Carefully review your work before you decide that it is “ruined” and throw it in the trash.  Look at it closely and see if there is a way that you can salvage it in some manner.

2) Always test solvent on the substrate you will be using before trying it on the actual piece.

“Food?!?” is entirely done in Prismacolor colored pencil.  5×7 inches.  Strathmore series 300 Bristol Board.

Soli Deo Gloria


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